Hi-Tech Unlimited's Professional
 Tele-Tap Detector

Only $299.95 

'The Best for the $'

The Professional Telephone Tap-Detector will provide a warning of unauthorized access to a conversation with both audible and visual signals. It is invaluable when confidential matters must be discussed via telephone in such environment, which can not be thoroughly searched and controlled at office, home or while traveling.

The design of the Professional Telephone Tap-Detector is based on more than 16 years of research and feed back from thousands of the users using different versions of former models. The development of highly sensitive electronic devices not only did help us to enhance the performance of the unit equal to similar units used by professionals with a cost of thousand dollars, but enabled us to keep the size portable and cost low. As the unit performance is equal or higher than most of the professional tap detector in market, some time its low price is miss leading.

In the latest version of Professional Telephone Tap detector, to increase the security and performance, we were able to include, in addition to tap detection, by the help of new technology (proximity switch) two new features: a - mute the phone when you don't want the other party hear you. b - Put the phone on hold.

One year limited warranty
Hi-Tech Unlimited will repair or replace defective units for one year, postage prepaid.
***Hi-Tech Unlimited  will assume no other liability.***
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