HP-39G Algebraic Graphing Calculator


ideal for desktop or hand-held use

easy to use

The HP39g calculator is an easy-to-use algebraic graphing calculator for math and science students.

product features

leading-edge design
Smooth edges, streamlined curves, and a sleek, sturdy shape make the HP39g comfortable for either hand-held or desktop use. It comes in a cool, light metallic blue with a translucent blue slide-on cover that keeps the screen and keyboard safe when not in use. The HP39g keyboard is very friendly—large keys with soft edges and wide key spacing help you steer clear of keystroke errors.

see more on the big screen
Get the big picture: input and view equations and expressions on the large, 131 x 64 pixel, high-contrast screen in textbook mode, then see them just as they appear in textbooks or on the blackboard.

make statistical inferences
With the HP39g, you can go beyond analyzing sample data: you can perform hypothesis tests, measure confidence intervals that relate to a population. The 39g lets you input, view and edit sample data in a table format, like you would in a computer spreadsheet or table, then plot the results once you’re finished editing.

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dynamic split screen
With the 39g’s split screen you can have your cake and eat it too. See math relationships in two displays on one screen for useful side-by-side comparison.

interactive history of calculations
This feature lets you recall and reuse previously created solutions.

dynamic teaching
Using the built-in trig and quadratic explorer, explore sine, cosine or quadratics in real-time. Control your graphs and equations, and see how they relate to one another

communication in hand
Your HP39g can be connected directly to your personal computer and has support for an overhead display unit. The 39g can also communicate with other calculators: using the two-way infrared port you can send data, equations, notes and even e-lessons to friends and classmates, from one 39g to another. The infrared port is built-in so there’s no need for an extra cable.

other special operating features:
  • Easy-to-read keys and menus that are grouped together for fast access.
  • Data entry in simple algebraic notation that looks and works just like equations written on paper.
  • Over 600 functions available at the touch of a button: you spend less time reading manuals and more time learning.
  • 256KB of built-in memory—the 39g is amazingly powerful. See notes, sketches, equations, formulas, graphs and even e-lessons.

math features include:

  • Algebra features: factorization, expansion, substitution, systems of linear equations, linear algebra and matrices, among others.
  • Trigonometry (trig and hyperbolic functions, degrees, radians).
  • Lists and Sequences.
  • Exponential and Logarithmic functions.
  • Permutations, Combinations and Factorials.
  • Differentiation and Integration.
  • HP Equation Solver.

statistical features include:

  • Descriptive Statistics (lists, single and two variables, frequencies, regression, summary statistics)—Sample data input, editing, plotting and viewing has never been easier.
  • Use sample data descriptions to make inferences—make and measure inferences about the population of interest with hypothesis tests and confidence intervals.

graphing features include:

  • Expanded plotting possibilities—plot types include function, parametric, polar, conic, sequence and statistical plots.
  • Function analysis—root, extrema, slope, area and intersection.
  • Plotting with tracing and zooming.
  • Graphic, symbolic and numeric views.

test suitability
The HP 39g is permitted for use on College Board* Tests: AP*, SAT* and P-SAT/NMSQT. (* College Board, AP and SAT are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board).

Price $167.93


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