Tape/RF Detector

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The R.E.I. TRD-800 Tape Recorder/R.F. Detector pioneered and developed by our engineers specifically to protect your information by "silently vibrating" in the presence of a tape recorder or R.F. bugging device. Designed to be worn on the body, the silent mode vibrator is totally covert in operation and alerts only you to the presence of a recorder of bug, which is then readily identified by the corresponding alert L.E.D.'s located on the TRD-800 panel.

In addition, telephone/room bugs and tracking devices can also be detected by the TRD-800 making this the most compact, versatile unit available today for personalized R.F and tape recorder detection.


  • Detects tape recorders and R.F. "bugs"
  • "Super Sensitive" pocketsize integrated circuit design
  • Dual mode wristwand antenna
  • Silent vibrator alert, with on/off selectability
  • Ident. LED's for both detection circuits, with on/off selectability (night use)
  • Manual reset for Ident. LED's with auto level control
  • Low battery LED indicator
  • Rechargeable battery pack (self-contained)
  • Rugged, aluminum aircraft construction


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