The Dial-decoder is designed to decode the Touch Tone (DTMF; Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) signals generated from the following telecommunication facilities:

  1. Touch-tone telephone sets.
  2. Wired / Wireless, Automatic Telephone Recorder (ATR).
  3. Walkie Talkies, Scanners.
  4. Tone Dialer.
  5. DTMF signal generator.

Any "on-the-air" DTMF signal will be immediately decoded and displayed on the screen.

The Dial-decoder is very helpful for the following parties:

  1. Prosecutor, Investigation or Police Institutes. To help them investigate accidents.
  2. Detective. To help them survey accidents.
  3. Telephone facilities service company. To test the Touch-Tone signal.
  4. The user of the Automatic Telephone Recorder.


  • Can read the DTMF Signals accurately and display thenumber on the screen (LCD) immediately.
  • Two ports to detect the DTMF signals either through the MIC (microphone) or the AU/IN (by the audio cable).
  • Low power consumption. Power can be offered either by the 9V battery or the AC/DC adaptor.
  • Can sotre 2 memories for the review.
  • Light weight, portable size.

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