The Teleguarder

The Teleguarder (Telephone Debugging, Privacy Assurance & Line Protection Unit) is used to protect your telephone line and the safety of your telephone conversation.  It offers you five modes of telephone protection.

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  • Anti-Telephone Bugging. (Prevents your line from being bugged, detected or monitored.)
  • Anti-Telephone Recording. (Prevents your telephone conversation from being unlawfully recorded.)
  • Anti-Line Cutting. (Prevents your line from being cut or damaged.)
  • Anti- Unlawful Dialing. (Prevents your line from being intentionally, unintentionally, or unlawfully dialed.)
  • Anti-Extension Monitoring. With its Talking Privacy Assurance function, it keeps your telephone conversation private and prevents it from being monitored through the extension.


  • In the event of a power failure, several features of the Teleguarder are still intact in the device and it will be able to perform its purpose to ensure your privacy.
  • When the Teleguarder is properly installed, each time you pick up the receiver, you will hear a short "BUZZ" to inform you that the Teleguarder is at work.
  • The installation of Teleguarder will not affect any other existing telephone equipment's performance.  Such as Telephone Answering Machine, Fax Machine, Telemanager, Key Telephone System, PABX.
  • The indoor extension can be expandable.  The optional CL-103 is compatible to add the extensions.
  • With its high sensitivity and stable detection, the Teleguarder secures your telephone privacy perfectly.


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