Tap Buster

You'll never have to worry about telephone privacy again! The professional "Tap Buster", helps insure that your conversation will not be overheard by anyone, even extension eavesdroppers. This sophisticated electronic telephone countermeasure device will defeat telephone bugging and tapping attempts.

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The "Tap Buster" defeats ...

  • Automatic telephone tape recording devices
  • Line transmitters (bugs placed inside the phone or on the line)
  • Extension line eavesdropping
  • All voltage activated devices

The "Tap Buster" device actually defeats the devices that other products only claim to warn you of. With its easy to view LCD voltage meter, you can continually monitor the on and off hook line voltage. By monitoring the line voltage, you can instantly determine eavesdropping attacks.  For example, someone listening on an extension phone, lineman's headset in use, series transmitters and many other types of eavesdropping attempts.

  • The "Tap Buster" is house in an attractive, sturdy metal cabinet and is AC powered, never needing batteries!
  • One (1) year limited warranty.


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