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Hi-Tech's Video Games are the Best because they:

 -Only at Hi-Tech can you get 16 games in one cabinet!
-Super heavy duty power supplies with low ripple.  
-Ultimate joysticks and gold plated contacts.  
-Incredible Sound and higher resolution graphics  
-Custom hand painted murals on game cabinets
-30 years of experience in game manufacturing.


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Mortal Kombat II

This beautiful cabinet has a beautful 25' color monitor, ultimate joy stick, heavy duty power supply, and gold T molding. One of the top earner of its day. And still a classic that everyone plays. 


VG-146 $1,695.00
vd146_l.jpg (20858 bytes) vd146_c.jpg (20607 bytes)

Street Fighter II Champion Edition & Samurai ShoDown
(2 games in 1)

This game not only has two games in one cabinet, one of these game is a cartridge style neo-geo system.  That means if you are a home owner or business you can change one of the game in a matter of seconds! This is a big advantage if you have a route location or just wish to keep new games without lugging in new cabinets constantly.  A great value. 


VG-147 $2,995.00
vd147_l.jpg (27560 bytes) vd147_c.jpg (24882 bytes)

Tekken & Street Fighter II Champion Edition
(2 games in 1)

This two in one game houses two of the best fighting games of all time.  Still very popular in all the arcades. This game would be excellent when men or boys playing. Women and girls tend to play Maze, flying, and other non violent  games of skill. Mostly guys play arcade games anyway.  

VG-148 $2,995.00
vd148_l.jpg (23572 bytes) vd148_c.jpg (21444 bytes)

Hi-Tech Arcade games are the BEST! ! !
Because they: 
Children who do not play video games may be at a disadvantage in the job market if they lack the computer related skills that video games develop.

Nintendo Excite Bike

This coin operation game is very compact and has two screens for multi use purposes.  This multiple game will be great for any use: home or business.   


VG-149 $1,995.00
vd149_l.jpg (19967 bytes) vd149_c.jpg (19513 bytes) vd149_r.jpg (23191 bytes)


This is an original game in its original cabinet.  A classic, maze game that both girls and boys play like crazy, very addicting and fun for the whole family.


VG-150 $1,695.00
vg150_lt.jpg (15429 bytes) vd150_c.jpg (27395 bytes) vd150_r.jpg (15915 bytes)

Bowling is FUN

Bowling is FUN, is an exciting game.  Anyone can play like a pro.  The trackball think you are really rolling the the bowling ball down the alley.  This would be great in any location.  Tons of Fun.  

VG-151 $1,495.00
vd151_l.jpg (16526 bytes) vd151_c.jpg (20486 bytes) vd151_r.jpg (21699 bytes)

Lethal Enforcer & Street Fighter II
2 games in 1 cabinet.)



VG-152 $2,695.00
vg152_c.jpg (27336 bytes) vg152_l.jpg (21197 bytes) vg152_r.jpg (24750 bytes)

Hi-Tech Arcade games are the BEST! ! !
Because they: 
Equalize size & age difference.  Young people can beat older or bigger people, thereby giving important self esteem.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

VG-153 $2,295.00
vg153_l.jpg (23215 bytes) vg153_c.jpg (20666 bytes) vg153_r.jpg (20214 bytes)

Six Games in one Cabinet

M40-04 $8,995.95
M40-04_l.jpg (33382 bytes) M40-04_c.jpg (28075 bytes) M40-04.jpg (32555 bytes)

WWF WrestleFest

vg154_l.jpg (34163 bytes) vg154_c.jpg (28811 bytes) vg154_r.jpg (28650 bytes)


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1231 N Blackstone
Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone:  (559) 441-1111
Fax:  (559) 445-0488
Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 to 5:00; Saturday 12 to 1:30.  Call first.
Closed on Sat, Sunday and Monday

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