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Hi-Tech's Video Games are the Best because they:

 -Only at Hi-Tech can you get 16 games in one cabinet!
-Super heavy duty power supplies with low ripple.  
-Ultimate joysticks and gold plated contacts.  
-Incredible Sound and higher resolution graphics  
-Custom hand painted murals on game cabinets
-30 years of experience in game manufacturing.


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Terminator II

Terminator II was one of the top grossing movie of all time.  This arcade game is also one of the top earners.  It has striking graphics.  Vibrating guns, and is highly competing for two players. A top earner still today.  We put in a flashing LED in Arnold's eye ball to give it a really eerie effect.  A really good buy.  

VG-127 $2,995.00

T2_lt.jpg (31030 bytes) t2.jpg (20543 bytes)

T2_rt.jpg (38913 bytes)

Tetris & Street Fighter II

Two games in one cabinet.  High earning Street Fighter II game and Tetris a game where the player use their brain.  The monitor is a high resolution color screen.  This cabinet has some nice looking graphic.

VG-128 $2,499.51

stf_tetris_lt.jpg (32808 bytes)

Tetris_St_fighter.jpg (41981 bytes)

stf_tetris_rt.jpg (34987 bytes)

Mechanized Attack

This game can play up to two players.  It was two machine guns and a large color screen.  Lots of fun.  Top earning, machine.

VG-129 $1,895.99

attack_lt.jpg (31956 bytes) notknow.jpg (34597 bytes)

attack_rt.jpg (38344 bytes)

Hi-Tech Arcade games are the BEST! ! !
Because they: 
Increases the ability to succeed in today's high tech real world

Final Fight

Final fight is a two player action game.  Realistic graphics.  High earning machine for any business.

VG-130  $1,695.00

finalfight_lt.jpg (22419 bytes) finalfight.jpg (26177 bytes)

finalfight_rt.jpg (22004 bytes)


Take a blast from to the past, with this game.  This game is one of the first arcade every made.  This would be a great for anyone who want to start an arcade collection.  The cabinet is in mint condition. 

VG-131 $1,995.00

frogger_lt.jpg (19305 bytes) frogger.jpg (33815 bytes)

frogger_rt.jpg (23249 bytes)


This classic, original Galaxian is one of the game that started it all.  With it's beautiful graphic and classic styles and timeless aesthetics.  It is a game that both boy and girls will play. It is one of the few games that appeals to all ages and is a perfect game room piece.  It is completely original.  

VG-132  $1,695.00

galaxian_lt.jpg (28879 bytes) galaxian.jpg (30645 bytes)

galaxian_rt.jpg (29950 bytes)


The Ultimate classic game of all time.  Beautiful graphics  on screen and on the cabinet. Galaga is away where friends try to out do each others top score and to trade tips on to succeed at this game.

We can also put up to 50+ games into this cabinet for $3,999.50, Arkanoid~Bagman~Burger Time~Carnival~Centipede~Crash~Crystal Castles~Dig Dug~Donkey Kong~Donkey Kong 3~Donkey Kong Foundry~Donkey Kong Junior~Frogger~Galaga~Galaga 2000~Galaga Enduring Freedom~Galaxian~Galaxian Part X~Gorf~Gridlee~Jr. Pacman~Liberator~Mappy~Mario Bros~Millipede~Missile Command~Moon Cresta~Moon Patrol~Mr. Do!~Mr. Dos Castle~Ms. Pacman~Pacman~Pacman Plus~Pengo~Phoenix~Pooyan~Qix~Rally X~Sinistar~Space Invaders~Space Invaders Deluxe~Super Bagman~Super Breakout~Super Pacman~Super Zaxxon~Tetris~Zaxxon

VG-133 $2,295.00

galaga1_lt.jpg (23974 bytes) galaga.jpg (32577 bytes)

galaga1_rt.jpg (24229 bytes)

Hi-Tech Arcade games are the BEST! ! !
Because they: 
Are a way to connect with friends, trade tips, brag about performances and promote good competition


The Ultimate classic game of all time.  Beautiful graphics  on screen and on the cabinet  Equalize size and age differences. Young people can beat older or bigger people, thereby giving important self esteem.  Fun for the whole family.


VG-134  $2,295.00

galaga_rt.jpg (39904 bytes)

Super Hang-ON

This Super Hang-on motorcycle game is super fun for all ages.  Stereo sound, nice screen, and easy to use controls. 

VG-135   $1,995.00

superhangon_lt.jpg (24759 bytes) superhangon.jpg (28454 bytes)

superhangon_rt.jpg (25839 bytes)


This is a classic game made by Atari. Still one of the enjoyed game of all time for all ages.  

VG-136   $Call

VG136_R.jpg (30646 bytes) VG136_C.jpg (31739 bytes)

VG136_L.jpg (26351 bytes)


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1231 N Blackstone
Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone:  (559) 441-1111
Fax:  (559) 445-0488
Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 to 5:00; Saturday 12 to 1:30.  Call first.
Closed on Sat, Sunday and Monday

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